VITTEL - Mineral Water - 500ml


VITTEL is a natural mineral water with unique minerality. Drawn from the heart of the Vosges, VITTEL brings a dose of vitality * every day for the whole family. Naturally composed of minerals essential to the body, VITTEL, thanks to its 1.5L format accompanies you at any time of the day. * For a healthy lifestyle, eat a balanced and varied diet. Consuming 2L of water per day from all sources contributes to the maintenance of normal physical and cognitive function.

Ingredients / Composition


Characteristic mineralization (mg / L): Calcium 240 / Magnesium 42 / Sodium 5.2 / Sulfate 400 / Hydrogenocarbonate 384 / Nitrate 4.4 / Dry residue at 180 ° C: 1084. pH = 7.6.