SAN PELLEGRINO - Clmentine & Peach Juice with Sparkling Water - 6x330ml



Whether it's a mid-morning boost or an afternoon lift, to relax or for a break, make every moment count with the Momenti lemon and raspberry flavor. Its exciting fruity blend will add color to any ordinary day! The Momenti lemon and raspberry flavor contains real spicy lemon and succulent raspberry juice (concentrated juice) which add a slight fruity touch of flavor to a fine, carbonated water. Its unique balance of sweet citrus and zest is the touch of flavor that can brighten up any routine break.


Ingredients / Composition

Water, 4% concentrated clementine juice, 4% concentrated peach juice, sugar, carbon dioxide, natural tangerine flavor with other natural flavors, natural peach flavor with other natural flavors, natural flavor, concentrated turmeric, carrot and blackcurrant concentrate, citric acid acidifier