PANZANI - Spaghetti Pasta - 500g

Naturally low fat, pasta is the allies of the whole family. There are more than 500 varieties of hard wheat that are grown in the world. At each harvest, Panzani's experts select the best varieties to offer you superior pasta. The assembly and selection of several varieties of hard wheat allow to obtain a perfect holding even overcooking which characterizes the guarantee Gold quality of Panzani.

Ingredients / Composition


100% semolina of high quality BLE hard. If the batch number contains the letter N, may contain the egg. allergensGluten

Nutritional values for 100g

Energetic value              1548.0 kJ / 365.0 kcal

Fat                                  2,000 g / 100 g

of which saturates          0.400 g / 100 g

carbohydrates                72,000 g / 100 g

with sugar                      3.700 g / 100 g

Dietary fiber                   3.600 g / 100 g

Protein                           13,000 g / 100 g

Salt                                0.010 g / 100 g