Small but strong, here are the new shower gels designed by Le Petit Marseillais! With their bottle 4 times smaller and still as many showers inside, Concentrated Shower Gels allow you to wash yourself with just one pressure! And because this new bottle is recyclable and contains 60% less plastic than a 400 ml shower gel, you are also making a little “zest” for the planet.

A trip to the Mediterranean

Never will a shower have made you travel so much! With just one press, the Concentrated Shower Gel with Organic Orange Blossom takes you to the gentle Mediterranean sun ...

The Little Story of Orange Blossom

In spring, the orange blossoms are picked by hand, under the sun of the Mediterranean Basin. White orange blossom is appreciated for its refined and sunny scent.

A concentrate of love for your skin and for the planet

  • A 100ml bottle that contains as many showers as a 400ml bottle
  • 60% less plastic than a 400ml bottle
  • A neutral pH for the skin
  • A formula that is always so gentle on the skin, without dyes and dermatologically tested
  • A shower gel composed of 99% biodegradable ingredients
  • And still so much fun!