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「限時全店優惠 – 即買即賞九折優惠券」(只限門市) 條款及細則

  1. 「全店九折優惠」的有效期由2021年5月19日至2021年5月25日。
  2. 每張單據消費滿$120,下次憑單可作九折優惠券使用 。
  3. 九折優惠有效期為收據發出日起計7天。例:5月19日發出滿$120之收據,可於5月19日至26日使用;5月25日發出滿$120之收據,可於5月25日至6月1日使用。
  4. 公價貨品不適用於此優惠。
  5. 此優惠以單一發票計算,累積發票恕不適用。
  6. 使用此優惠券時,必須在結帳前出示相關單據,相關折扣將自動應用於發票的最終總額中。
  7. 每張有效單據只可用作九折優惠券一次;不能與其他推廣活動及優惠同時使用。
  8. 恕不接受經塗改,模糊不清,損毀及影印本之優惠劵。如有遺失或損壞不整,恕不補發。
  9. 此單據恕不兌換作現金或換成其他禮品;並不設退換。優惠只適用於下次消費使用。
  10. 如有任何爭議,L'Azur Gourmet 將保留最終決定權。


“Limited Time Offer - 10% Off Discount” (Retail Store only) Terms & Conditions


  1. "Limited time offer - Spend and get 10% off coupon" is valid from May 19 to 25, 2021. This offer applies to retail store purchase only.
  2. Each transaction spending upon $120 can enjoy 10% discount on next purchase with the present of receipt.
  3. The coupon is valid for 7 days following the receipt issue date. For example, a receipt upon $120 issued on May 19, 2021 is valid from May 19 to May 26, 2021; and receipt upon $120 issued on May 25, 2021 is valid from May 25 to Jun 1, 2021.
  4. This offer does not apply to fixed price items.
  5. This offer applies to spending in a single transaction only and not applicable for accumulated receipts from multiple transactions.
  6. To enjoy the discount, present this receipt before checkout and the respective discount will be automatically applied to the final price of the transaction.
  7. Each eligible sales receipt can be used once only. This discount offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotional offers.
  8. Defaced, damaged, or photocopied coupons are not accepted. The receipt is not replaceable for lost or damaged.
  9. The discount is non-exchangeable for cash and/or other gifts and are non-returnable.
  10. In case of any dispute, L’Azur Gourmet reserves the right of final decision.