SAN PELLEGRINO - Sparkling Mineral Water - 6x1L

The sparkling natural mineral water S.PELLEGRINO sparkles all your meals, from the most authentic to the most sophisticated. With its fine and lively bubbles, and its subtle and balanced taste recognized by the greatest chefs and sommeliers, it delicately enhances the flavors of your dishes, offering you an unparalleled taste experience. But it also makes each of your meals a unique moment of refinement and conviviality, bringing to your table that touch of style and elegance inherited from its Italian origins. At every meal, everyday or on special occasions, sublimate the moment with S.PELLEGRINO!

Ingredients / Composition


Calcium: 174 mg / Magnesium: 51.4 mg / Sodium: 33.3 mg / Potassium: 2.2 mg / Sulfate: 430 mg / Hydrogen carbonate: 245 mg / Nitrate: 2.6 mg / Chloride: 52 mg / Fluorine: 0.5 mg / Dry residue 180 ° C: 915 mg