MIEL L'APICULTEUR - Lavanda Honey - 250g

The sweet notes of this honey with subtle aromas of flowers and fruits, the unctuous and finely crystallized texture made this Lavender from Provence honey, certainly one of the best honeys in the world, as rare as it is sought after.
Harvested and extracted from the wax alveoli with the greatest attention according to ancestral beekeeping know-how passed down from generation to generation, this lavender honey is the fruit of close collaboration with beekeepers in the south of France.

Ingredients / Composition

Nutritional values              Nutritional values per 100 g
energy value (kJ)                 1360 kJ / 100 g
energy value (kcal)               320 kcal / 100 g
fat                                           0 g / 100 g
saturated fatty acids              0 g / 100 g
carbohydrates                       80 g / 100 g
sugars                                   80 g / 100 g
protein                                   0 g / 100 g
salt                                        0.02 g / 100 g