PERRIER - Lemon & Guava Sparkling Water - 4x250ml



What happens when Perrier® Carbonated Mineral Water mixes with lemon & guava juice? Well the extraordinaire happens! The new Perrier® & Juice Drink - Lemon & Guava - is a tasty mix of fruit juices, that will refresh and satisfy your thirst. Made with Perrier® carbonated mineral water, fruit juice from concentrate, a dash of natural flavors, sugar and of course a splash of extraordinaire, Perrier & Juice Drink offers an alternative to carbonated soft drinks. You can now treat yourself to a fruity beverage at any point in the day! When life gives you lemons, satisfy your fizzy cravings and Go For the Extraordinaire!


Ingredients / Composition

Carbonated Mineral Water mixed with lemon & guava juice