LU - PALMITO Caramelized Biscuits - 100g

The Palmito is LU's take on the classic palmier, made from a sheet of puff pastry folded in on itself from each side, then sliced to produce the pretty furled design. The layers are brushed with sugar, which caramelizes in the baking, giving the pastry a wonderful golden hue. Said to resemble a palm tree (palmier in French), the pastry also goes by the names of elephant ear and butterfly. The LU cookie is crispier and smaller than the version you would find in a patisserie. It's excellent with tea and not too sweet!

Wheat flour, margarine (hydrogenated vegetable fat and non-hydrogenated, salt, color: beta-carotene, flavor), sugar, salt, flavor, raising agent: sodium hydrogen carbonate, emulsifier: sunflower lecithin. Contains gluten. Made in a factory that uses: egg, soy, milk, nuts.