GOOD GOUT - Organic Pineapple Puree (+4 months) - 120g

Why is this organic meal so good ?

Because this pouch contains 99.9% organic pineapple. And... just a drop of organic lemon juice. A bit as if you had brought them back from your Caribbean holiday and cooked them with love yourself. Except we’ve already done it for you.
Because our pineapples are organic. Meaning that none of our fruit has been mistreated with GMOs, pesticides, or chemical fertilizers during its cultivation. As healthy as they are delicious, to put it simply.
Because Good Gourdes for babies are handy and attractive. Light and practical, they are easy to use, close again, and carry around: a treat for your child anywhere, any time. As an added bonus, the caps clip together so you and your child can make things with them together: less waste, more fun !

A little story about pineapple

"A pine-apple with an excellent taste": that's how Christopher Columbus described our exotic fruit the first time he tasted it. Well-deserved praise for this tropical plant with a sweet taste, whose name in Amerindian means "Flavour of flavours".

More details

Serving recommendations:
Shake well. Pour out into a bowl or directly onto a spoon. Enjoy!
Can be stored at room temperature before opening, and for 24 hours in the refrigerator after opening.

Worth knowing:
This re-closable pouch has been specially chosen to preserve all the flavour of our recipes. It is free from bisphenol A and phthalates, in accordance with current EU legislation.

Do not leave children under 36 months alone with the cap unsupervised.
Never put the pouch directly into the microwave.