MELVITA - MELVITA- Avocado Oil - 50ml


Organic Avocado Oil is 100% natural and certified as organic, as well as being renowned for its ability to soften and comfort. Ideal for dry and delicate skin, it is particularly recommended for use in the eye area.

This organic plant oil is obtained by first cold pressing avocado pulp. Its creamy texture works as a wonderful healer on delicate parts of the face. Organic Avocado Oil is an excellent natural anti-ageing oil and is also recommended for its ability to smooth. 

Its repairing properties also make Organic Avocado Oil the perfect partner for preventing stretch marks and healing those normal little marks that appear on skin (red and dry patches, etc.). 

100% of the ingredients are natural
100% of the ingredients are organic
Made in France; certified organic by ECOCERT

Organic Avocado Oil is ideal for:
• Those wanting a 100% natural plant oil certified as organic by ECOCERT 
• Its ability to soften, comfort and smooth
• The eye area and delicate parts of the face 
• Being a great addition to your skincare routine
• Preventing stretch marks
• Its creamy texture which works as a wonderful healer on skin
• All skin types - especially dry and delicate

Usage and tips

Before using your daily moisturiser, apply Organic Avocado Oil to the face and neck, then gently massage in.

To make a soothing, decongesting solution for the eyes, mix two drops of Organic Avocado Oil into Organic Cornflower Floral water. Soak two cotton pads in the mixture, place them on the eyes and leave for a few minutes.



*Ingredient proceeding from Organic Farming.