MICHEL ET AUGUSTIN - Rasberry Pastry Biscuits - 120g


The only, the only palm tree cake lying on EARTH!

As you know, at the Bananeraie, we are all passionate about pastry. We also all pass our pastry CAP, as a free candidate, whatever our profession. So, whether you're a master of the safe, patron of the cookie delivery or fairy of the tribe, you all become too, after a few months of training ... pastry chefs!
It seemed to us IN-DIS-PEN-SABLE to concoct you an incredible recipe based on puff pastry. A whole art, you know? We knead, we knead, we knead again until we get a perfect texture and a very homogeneous dough. And hop, let's go for a 1st round, then a 2nd and a last one ... Ultimate rolling and zou, cutting. And after a scorching baking ... TADAM, our palm trees point their nose. You see, our elongated palm cake is prepared with a recipe just like at home. We have just a little more dough and larger chouïa containers;)

Our elongated palm trees with raspberry nuggets

Discover our incredible elongated palm trees! To concoct them? A delicious puff pastry - like the pastry recipe - prepared with a lot of love, a shower of raspberries (real pieces of real raspberries), a bake and hop, elongated palm trees! A crisp texture, with airy puff pastry, a good taste of butter in the mouth, tangy twists with raspberries ... A perfectly balanced recipe!

Convenient ! To transport them everywhere, they are slipped by 3 in bags. To share or to eat alone;)

Also to eat: our palm trees, elongated with chocolate drops and slightly caramelized sugar.

Ingredients / Composition



WHEAT flour, fresh BUTTER 30%, sugar, raspberry powder 1% (GLUTEN, SOY), raspberry nuggets 1%, natural flavor, salt, baking powder: sodium carbonate.


Nutritional values

Nutritional values ​​per 100 g

energy value (kJ)

2180 kJ / 100 g

energy value (kcal)

522 kcal / 100 g


29 g / 100 g

saturated fatty acids

20 g / 100 g


59 g / 100 g


19 g / 100 g


6.2 g / 100 g


1.2 g / 100 g


Soybeans - Sesame - Gluten - Lactose - Peanut - Nuts - Lupine