LIPTON - Orgnaic Minit Tea Bags - 20pcs


Each tea leaf has been picked in the heart of China in certified organic farming plantations, limiting the use of chemicals such as pesticides.??Freshly picked, the leaves are simply steamed for a cup with a delicate and sweet taste.

Since 2003, Lipton has offered the Pyramid?? sachet, an innovative sachet that offers more space for tea leaves and fruit and allows a better infusion for a more intense taste.

Leave to infuse for 2 minutes in 200mL of water at 90 ?? C for a perfect tasting.

Our story: When Sir Thomas Lipton founded his company at the end of the 19th century, he bought his first tea plantation in Ceylon (Sri Lanka).??Over a hundred years later, Lipton has thousands of hectares of quality tea plants in East Africa.??Built on more than a century of experience in growing and blending tea, Lipton has retained Sir Thomas' love for innovation and excellence.??Lipton is based on solid values ?€??€?inspired by its founder Sir Thomas Lipton: naturalness, optimism and dynamism.??Modern brand and far from the traditional codes of "tea-time", Lipton based its success on the development of a "tasting experience" in which consumption can experience moments of shared pleasures, discoveries and conviviality.??Over a hundred years of successes and innovations have enabled Lipton to bring more tea fun to more people around the world.??In this spirit of inventiveness, research and discovery, Lipton helps to discover the benefits of brewed tea, black or green.??In all, Lipton counts nearly 80 references of teas and infusions in France.
All Lipton tea comes from Rainforest Alliance verified plantations for tea that is more respectful of growers and the environment.??Lipton is committed to supporting smallholder farmers through their sustainable policy.

Ingredients / Composition


Chinese green tea * 1 (100%).??* Ingredient from organic farming.??1 Verified Rainforest AllianceTM.