BIOLANE - Oleo-Limestone Linen Wipes - 64pcs

Nourish, preserve and soothe baby's seat in one go.

- Biolane Oleo-Limestone Liniment Wipes nourish and relieve the weakened diaper dermatitis daily, and preserve it from redness and irritation.
- Their 98% natural origin formula, based on olive oil, leaves a protective film on the baby's skin against irritating external aggressions (urine, stool, friction of the layers ...).
- Specially formulated for the exchange of sensitive skin or prone to irritation, they guarantee a cleaning of a great delicacy. Result: the baby's skin is nourished, soothed and perfectly protected from irritation.


~ Tested under pediatric control.
~ Hypoallergenic *.
~ Formulated at physiological pH.
~100% biodegradable fibers.
~Formulated without alcohol, parabens, phenoxyethanol and phthalate.
~Suitable for atopic skins.

Convenient, the reclosable hood ensures ease of use and better conservation of the product.
Wipes impregnated with oleo-limestone liniment, a traditional preparation based on olive oil and lime water.

Mode of application
Use at every change and at any time of the day. Close well after opening for better preservation of the product.
Do not require rinsing.