Le Petit Olivier -No Rinse Hair Detangler - Nutrition - Olive, Shea, Argan Oils - Dry & Damaged Hair - 150ml



Le Petit Olivier Hair Spray Olive Oil, Shea Butter and Argan Oil help replenish nutrients to overcome dry, damaged hair effectively, bringing healthy and shiny hair.

In addition, the nutrients in the product also help protect the hair, nourishing healthy hair from root to tip.

+ Olive Oil Extract helps prevent hair loss, moisturize the hair, helps hair smooth, minimize tangles and split ends.

+ Shea Butter helps moisturize, anti-oxidize, promote blood circulation, fight bacteria, eczema, psoriasis, help protect hair and scalp.

+ Argan oil helps nourish hair, prevent dandruff, help hair strong, soft and shiny.

Directions for use: Shake well, then spray over entire hair. No need to rinse with water. Should be used after shampooing for the best effect. The product is suitable for all hair types, especially damaged, perm, and dyed hair.