Do you have colored or highlighted hair but it loses its shine too quickly? Come on, don't worry, for color that lasts all you need to do is nourish and protect your hair.

And this is where Le Petit Marseillais saves you once again! Her secret to re-pimping your color and strands?

Its Infusion Color conditioner for colored hair, highlighted and weakened scalp. By pampering your scalp and nourishing your hair, your hair offers luminosity, shine, and radiance from root to tip!

Our sublime skincare recipe

The authentic Infusion Couleur du Petit Marseillais recipe is specially designed to take care of your scalp and to revive the lost radiance of your cherished color.

With its formulation of organic poppy infusion, an iconic flower recognized for its protective properties, and organic pomegranate, a colorful fruit renowned for its moisturizing properties that help reveal radiance, Color Infusion Conditioner restores your color. all the glam you dreamed of.

Our treatment formula

A natural gesture for my hair
95% of ingredients of natural origin
WITHOUT SILICONE for a natural touch
Tested under dermatological control

Respects and detangles the hair gently.