Ouch ouch ouch, your hair like your scalp is dry or even very dry and needs softness? No problemo, Le Petit Marseillais knows exactly how to bring them comfort.

The secret of Petit Marseillais to restore suppleness and shine to your dry hair? The Infusion Nutrition conditioner which will intensely nourish your hair while making it easy to detangle. Magic, right?

Our gentle skincare recipe

The authentic recipe for Infusion Nutrition du Petit Marseillais conditioner contains a gentle blend of organic calendula infusion, a mythical flower known for its protective properties, and organic argan oil renowned for its nutritive power.

Something to pamper your scalp like no other and give your hair all the softness they deserve.
Our treatment formula

A natural gesture for my hair
95% of ingredients of natural origin
WITHOUT SILICONE for a natural touch
Tested under dermatological control.

Respects and detangles the hair gently.