Your hair is normal (luck!) But it has a tendency to regrease a little too quickly for your liking? Then your scalp most certainly needs a deep breath of fresh air.
Your scalp is the secret of Le Petit Marseillais to prevent your hair from regreasing because it is the key to healthy hair. Thanks to the Infusion Detox micellar shampoo for normal hair and quickly regreasing scalp, your scalp will never have known such freshness. Freed from impurities, your hair will stay fresh and light even longer, from roots to ends.

Our "detox" treatment recipe

The authentic INFUSION DETOX recipe from Petit Marseillais is specially designed to take care of your scalp, to purify your hair from the roots and give it new life! This divine blend contains organic thyme infusion, an ancestral plant known for its invigorating properties, and organic green tea, renowned for its revitalizing benefits.

Our treatment formula


  • 98% of ingredients of natural origin
  • SILICONE FREE for a natural touch
  • 97% biodegradable ingredients
  • Tested under dermatological control

Respects and washes the hair gently.