HARIBO - Tagada Pink & Pik - 250g

Find the best Haribo sweets from all over the world! Let yourself be amazed by the flavors of the different countries with Happy Cola, Berries, Balla Balla, Jelly Babies, Croco, the Golden Bear and many more. A 500g bag for the real curious!

Ingredients / Composition


Sugar; glucose syrup; gelatin; acidifying agents: citric acid, malic acid; acidity corrector: sodium malate; aroma; fruit and plant concentrate: sweet potato, apple, radish, cherry. Keep away from heat and moisture.

Nutritional values for 100g

Energetic value                                      1571.0 kJ / 370.0 kcal

Fat                                                          0.500 g / 100 g

Of which saturated fatty acids               0.100 g / 100 g

Carbohydrates                                       88,000 g / 100 g

Of which sugars                                     73,000 g / 100 g 

Protein                                                    2,800 g / 100 g

Salt                                                         0.240 g / 100 g