Haribo Love PIK 225g


Acidified sweet confectionery
Glucose syrup ; sugar; humectant: sorbitol syrup; water; gelatin, acidifying agents: citric acid, malic acid; acid correctors: tricalcium citrate, sodium malate, trisodium citrate; coating agent: carnauba wax; gelling agent: pectin; aroma; fruit and plant concentrates: blackcurrant, elderberry, aronia, grape; elderberry extract; dyes: patent blue V, brilliant blue FCF, anthocyanins.

Nutritional values
                                                   Nutritional values ​​per 100 g
Energy value                              1454kJ / 342kcal
Fat                                              0.5 g / 100 g
of which saturated fatty acids    0.1 g / 100 g
carbohydrates                            83 g / 100 g
Dietary fiber                                0 g / 100 g
protein                                         3.6 g / 100 g
Salt                                              0.33 g / 100 g