Grany Mixed Berries and Chocolate Bars (114g)

Grandy Mixed Berries and Chocolate Bars LU (114g) - 6 Bars x 19g 

Muesli 30.6% (raisins 12%, oat flakes 11%, coconut 4.6%, corn petals 3% (maize 2.8%, sugar, salt, barley malt extract), Sugar, wheat flour 14%, palm oil, glucose syrup, skimmed milk powder, stabilizer (sorbitol), pure fruit 2.6% [blueberries puree 1%, blackberries puree 1%, Raspberry puree 0.5%, concentrated raspberry puree 0.1% (raspberry puree equivalent 0.8%)], fructose-glucose syrup, blueberry nuggets 1.3% [sugar, blueberries pulp 0 3%, apple pulp 0.2%, pineapple fiber, gelling agent (sodium alginate), flavor, stabilizer (dicalcium phosphate), acidity corrector (citric acid), coloring agent (anthocyanins) (Diphosphate disodium, sodium hydrogen carbonate), concentrated apple puree 0.7% (pureed apple equivalent 4.5%), humectant (glycerol), wheat fiber, salt, flavors, citrus fruit fiber, Acidifying (citric acid), ge Lifter (pectin), acidity corrector (trisodium citrate)

May contain egg, soy, nuts and sesame

Oats, barley, wheat, milk