FILORGA - Anti-Ageing Micellar Solution For Face & Eyes - 400ml


This care product is made of an original combination of ingredients for triple action on the eyes: Anti-dark circle: a unique complex reduces dark circles by promoting the removal of pigmented residues that cause circles to darken. Anti-puffiness: a cocktail of three active ingredients boosts vein and lymph circulation to reduce puffy lower eyelids. Anti-ageing: NCTF®, a poly-revitalising complex identical to the NCTF® used in medicine, favors curaneous firmness. At the same time, our trio of draining agents smoothes the eye contour. Fresh, smooth texture restructuring the eye contour.

Usage and tips 

Apply OPTIM-EYES® morning and evening by gently dabbing onto the eye contour.

Store in the refrigerator to optimise the lifting effect.