BIOLANE - Face & Hand Wipes - 64 pcs

This face and hand wipe is ideal for all occasions to clean gently, refresh and protect in one gesture the face and hands of baby.

Hypoallergenic *, BIOLANE Face and Hand Glasses are ideal at any time of the day to cleanse, refresh and protect baby's face and hands in one go.
Formulated at physiological pH and without alcohol, BIOLANE face and hands wipes preserve the natural skin balance of baby and provide lasting hydration **.
Their 100% biodegradable *** fibers with ultra-soft and resistant texture guarantee a very delicate cleaning.
Lightly scented, BIOLANE Face and Hand Wipes leave baby's skin soft, supple and perfectly protected.
* Formulated to minimize the risk of allergy
** The upper layers of the epidermis
*** Fibers of the wipe

Instructions for use:
Use at any time of the day on the face and hands.
Can also be suitable for the exchange.
Do not require rinsing.
Convenient, the packaging guarantees a distribution system one by one.