BIOLANE - Express Diaper Rash Repair Cream - 75ml

BIOLANE Paste with water. The Eryderm water-based paste effectively relieves and repairs the gluteal epidermis of infants with mild to severe irritations. Eryderm's non-greasy water-based paste absorbs excess moisture and isolates the epidermis from urine and stool aggression. This traditional preparation based on zinc oxide relieves and repairs redness and irritation, while creating a real protective barrier against external aggression responsible for irritation. The combination of glycerine and panthenol, with soothing and restorative properties, promotes the regeneration of the weakened epidermis due to the maceration of urine, stool and the friction of the layers. The redness and irritation of the seat are soothed. The skin is repaired and found softness and comfort. Without preservatives.