Stretch Mark Oil with Argan Oil Biolane (125ml)

Helps prevent the development of stretch marks during pregnancy.

Dry oil stretch marks with argan oil rich in omega-6 reduces and limits the appearance of stretch marks. It nourishes and strengthens the elasticity of the skin and thus, limits the appearance of stretch marks on all sensitive areas of the body and promotes the reduction of nascent stretch marks. Its fluid texture penetrates quickly without leaving a greasy film to allow dressing immediately after application. The skin retains its tone, it is firmer and smoother. Nourished and hydrated, it regains all its softness and is more resistant to triggers of stretch marks.

The Biolane benefits
– 99% natural origin.
– Non greasy texture.
– Does not leave an oily film on the skin.
– Perfume-free

Instructions for use

  • Apply 2 to 3 times per day, from the start of pregnancy. Continue to apply for 3 months after the birth for optimal effectiveness (avoid the nipples if breastfeeding).
  • On the stomach, massage into the skin in a gentle circular motion, starting from the navel and working outwards.
  • On the tights and hips, place both hands down flat, thumbs out wide and touching on each side of the thigh, then massage from the bottom up, making smoothing movements.
  • On the breasts, massage more gently in a light circular motion, as this area may be more tender
  • *Formulated to minimise the risk of allergies.
  • **Clinical study no. I140166 performed on 21 women with emerging stretch marks.