Natural Mineral Sparkling Water Badoit Green (6 x 1L)

Finely sparkling, it is the inevitable Badoit, timeless. It is distinguished by the subtlety of its taste, a signature taste, unique, while delicate aromas and finesse textures. Its fine bubbles impressed by lightness and its delicate taste accompany every day your meals. Badoit is a natural mineral water with added carbon dioxide, to offer you water of a constant taste quality.


Total mineralization (in mg / liter):Calcium Ca ++: 153; Sodium Na +: 180; Mg ++ Magnesium: 80; Potassium K +: 11; Bicarbonates HCO3-: 1250; CI Chloride: 54; Sulfates SO4-: 35; Fluorides: 1.2; SiO2 silica: 27; Total content of mineral salts at 180 ° C: 1100 mg / liter - pH: 6