PANZANI - Capelli Angel Hair Pasta - 500g

Fine and delicate, Angel Hair Panzani is savored both alone in broth and according to your imagination. Angel hair recipe Panzani Angel hair can be enjoyed in many different ways: in soups, stews, as traditional pasta or even to make oriental pastries.


100% durum wheat semolina and superior quality pasta.

Nutritional values for 100g:

Energy value:                                        365 kcal / 1548 j

Protein:                                                  13 g

Carbohydrates:                                      72 g

of which sugars of which starch:            3.7 g

Lipids:                                                     2 g

of which saturated fatty acids:                0.35 g

Food fiber:                                              3.6 g

Sodium:                                                  0.01 g