CASA RINALDI - Organic Fusilli N. 260 - 500g



Macaroni Casa Rinaldi BIO is exclusively traditional methods of cultivation, the strictest quality control, only natural ingredients, European certification. As a result - outstanding taste and real health benefits.

Casa Rinaldi products are grown and made only on farms, using unique centuries-old traditions and recipes for the preservation and processing of products. Only the best, carefully selected raw materials are transformed into Casa Rinaldi products through unique processing processes .

Today, the Casa Rinaldi factory is an ultra-modern building that uses solar energy and energy-saving technologies, taking care of the region where products are grown, which later become Casa Rinaldi products . We are convinced that everyone who has tried Casa Rinaldi products will forever join the gourmet society. And the certificates of quality and safety for health received in Ukraine confirm the absence of GMOs and the high quality of products.

The modern history of the company began in 1979, when, after a significant expansion of the range of its own production, a large industrial group Alis appeared , which produces products under the Casa Rinaldi brand . Today, the product range exceeds 1000 items and the Casa Rinaldi brand is already well known in more than 90 countries.

Constant control and certification guarantee high quality products, and the absence of artificial preservatives provides them with a real natural taste. The high quality of Casa Rinaldi products is confirmed by international certificates, as well as such high awards as the “Trophy of 20 Years” (the highest award in this field) and the Gastronomic Oscar in 1998 at the famous Cibus gastronomic fair in Parma. From 1990 to 2010, traditional balsamic vinegar Casa Rinaldi annually receives the world title!


Ingredients / Composition

organic flour from durum wheat, water (may contain traces of soy)


Nutrition Info

Fats: 1.5 g
Proteins: 12 g
Carbohydrates: 73 g
Energy value per 100 g: 358 kcal