CASA RINALDI - Italian Crackers with Tomato and Basil - 250g



Casa - House, Rinaldi - A family that has been producing balsamic vinegar since the 16th century and is known for its passion and love for the traditional products of its region - Modena. Casa Rinaldi products are grown and made only on farms, using unique centuries-old traditions and recipes for the preservation and processing of products. Only the best, carefully selected raw materials are transformed into Casa Rinaldi products through unique processing processes .

The main objective of the activity is to provide connoisseurs of Italian cuisine with high-quality food. We are convinced that everyone who has tried Casa Rinaldi products will forever join the gourmet society. The certificates of quality and safety for health received in Ukraine confirm the absence of GMOs and the high quality of Casa Rinaldi products .

Casa Rinaldi crackers with tomatoes and basil can replace bread in sandwiches, and are also ideal as a snack or even as an ingredient in a variety of salads. Incredibly light and airy cookies from Italian high-class bakers, able to perfectly saturate and give true pleasure.

Traditional salted crackers are made from high quality products according to an old recipe, in the best traditions of Italian confectionery art. The product is perfect for any hot drink, white or red wine.

Ingredients / Composition

flour of soft grades of wheat like "0", vegetable oil, malt, salt, yeast, tomatoes, basil.


Nutrition Info

Energy value per 100 g : 434 kcal / 1815 kJ

Nutritional value per 100 g:  proteins 12 g, carbohydrates 70 g, fats 12 g