GOOD GOUT - Organic Broccoli. Quinoa & Ricotta (+12moths) - 220g

Why is this little organic dish so good?

Because in this little dish we put broccoli for the character, ricotta for the sweetness, and quinoa for the crunch. Or how to slip a lot of adjectives with few ingredients.
Because in this little dish, there are only organic products, and this to ensure your child products healthy and good for the planet: none of our products has been so abused by GMOs, pesticides or other chemical fertilizers during its breeding or cultivation.
Because according to the regulations, our flexible bag contains neither bisphenol A nor phthalates. And especially because it requires a sterilization of ingredients much shorter than that of small pots: on arrival, it is as many flavors preserved!

The little story of broccoli

Originally from Italy, broccoli was quickly exported thanks to transalpine migrants. In France, it is the great Catherine de Medici who brought it in her luggage under the name of "Italian asparagus", after her marriage with the King of France Henri II! Its silhouette is often compared to a miniature tree whose bouquets are dotted with small yellow flowers after flowering.

More information

Preparation tips:
For optimal tasting, we recommend that you heat the bag for 1 minute in a bain-marie. For those in a hurry, pour the contents of the bag on a plate or place it directly in the microwave after opening. Warm up for 30 seconds at 750W. Stir and check the temperature. It's ready ! 

Store at room temperature before opening and for 24 hours in the refrigerator after opening. 

Contains: cereals, milk 

Good to know: This bag has been chosen to preserve the taste of our recipes. It contains neither bisphenol A nor phthalates, according to the regulations in force.