BLEDINA - Pear Yogurt (+ 10 months) - 4x90g

Let your baby discover the delicious bledina infant food: light, practical, and adapted to his needs! Offer a single gourd a day, varying tastes and pleasures. Indeed, to awaken the senses of baby, it is important to present him every day different fruits and in different forms: mashed with a spoon or gourd, and fresh in small pieces.

Ingredients : Pear 99,96 % - Vitamin C.

Nutritional values: 100g

alimentary fibres 2.3 G

sugars 12.2 G

energy KCAL 55.0 KCA

energy KJ 234.0 KJ

sodium 0.0 MG

salt 0.0 G

fat 0.0 G

proteins 0.5 G