AUVERNOU - Mini Saucisson Stick - 80g

Snack use for this resolutely practical, modern and trendy product! A dry sausage stick pure pork of 10 g, ideal to nibble on the go,
in the office, by car, or simply as an aperitif! Gourmands these sticks are appreciated by their tip of garlic. A pleasure to share without counting and at all times of the day!
Bag of 80 g (8x10 g)


pork, lactose, salt, garlic pulp (water, garlic, salt, acidifier: citric acid), peppers, sugar, dextrose, mace, preservative: potassium nitrate, clove, ferments . Envelope: collagenous casing (collagen, glycerin, cellulose). 166 g of pork used for 100 g of finished product. Traces of gluten, eggs, soy, celery, sulphites and nuts.