PATA NEGRA HOUSE -  24/30 mo Comte - 100g

The extremely rare 30-month Comte of Bernard Mure-Ravaud, who was named the world’s best cheese craftman in 2007. Here are some amazing facts of the cheese.

Aged for 30 months, such a long curation is rare to see on the cheese market

Made of only the milk from two French cow breeds which are only grass-fed in Jura pastures

Emanates pure fruity aromas 

Develops small grains during the prolonged ripening which is a good sign of good curation for this type of cheese

While savouring it to bits, you may find some gritty crystalline formed from the long ripening.

Although it’s made of raw milk, it can be consumed by pregnant women

Granted Protected Designation of Origin (AOP) which guarantees the rigorously controlled manufacturing process.